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Home PC Monitoring Software, Office PC Monitoring Software, Network Activity Monitoring Software

  • Are you worried that your staff might be misusing office internet for their own personal activities like surfing FaceBook, Youtube, Surfing Porn sites, etc.

  • Are you worried about your kid's surfing habits? Are you concerned, that your kids might be surfing some unwanted sites or they might be a victim of online abuse?

  • Are you worried, that some of your staff might be leaking your confidential information, to your competitors?

  • Are you worried, that someone might be stealing important data from your office or home PC?

Well, the list can be practically endless. But, it is a fact, that business, around the world are loosing in terms of staff productivity , efficiency and also financially, due to personal use of Office Internet resources, data thefts, leak in personal information, etc.

The Network Activity Monitoring Software, with it's ease of use and stealth nature, makes it an ideal software to help you monitor your Network and as a result, helps in monitoring your office network and the activities of your staff.

Given below are the list of the activities that can be monitored with the Network Activity Monitoring Software.

Scope of Usage: Home, Schools, Cyber Cafes, Offices, Small & Large Industries, Corporate Houses...virtually in all those places where Computers can be found.

Highlights of the Network Activity Monitoring Software

  1. Monitors, records, captures all the activities of the employees in five different formats, i.e., images, text, snapshots, video and voice.

  2. The software works 100% confidentially and stealthily. Starts working as soon as the system is started or re booted.

  3. The employees will never come to know, that their activities are being monitored.

  4. Computer experts, hackers or hardware maintenance people cannot thread off or find out that the software is running on the PC.

  5. You don’t have to worry, even if you are out of the office, for days. You can schedule an email delivery report, which will deliver all the reports of the Client Computer activity to the designated email id.

  6. The software is a complete secure solution. All the recordings are encrypted and cannot be monitored by the user or unauthorized access.

  7. Very Easy to Install and Configure.

  8. Data is not stored on cloud or on the 3rd party site. Whatever data, which is collected, is stored in the Client’s PC, in an encrypted format. Only the admin can access and delete it.

  9. Backup of log files on external device.

Key Features of the Software

Every activity can be monitored from the admin pc itself, there is no need to be in front of every machine to check the activity of the user of that machine.

  1. Website Log: View the visited websites, time duration of the site visits & website activities of the User.

  2. Program Activity: View all the applications and software used by the user, with every feature of the application used and the time for which the application was used.

  3. Keyboard Activities: Recording Keyboard key strokes typed by the user with applications or website wise.

  4. Screen Shots: Capture the displayed screen on the monitor (desktop), which can be set at different time intervals. All the screenshots are extremely small in size (around 20kb), so as to avoid storage problems on the local hard disk.

  5. Computer Activity: Monitor & Track when the computer was turned on and shut down.

  6. Sound Recording: Needs a good microphone for this. Monitor and record sound in your room via your computer microphone. Monitors chat conversations made using microphone and listen to any activity in the room, which can be configured according to your needs.

  7. Folder Loc/Unlock: Locks/hides important folders from the staff.

  8. USB Enable/Disable: Enable and Disable all USB port of the computer, according to your needs, so that no one can illegally copy your important data or install any junk software. USB Read only can be enabled to allow Read Only Access to the USB drives, so that no one can copy the data to the USB drives, but can only access the data from the USB drive. 90% of data theft or junk ware install is through the USB drives.

  9. CD-DVD ROM enable/disable: Enables/Disables the CD_DVD ROM drives so that no one can make an illegal copy of the data or install any junk software.

  10. Website Filter: Blocks access to sites like FaceBook, Youtube, etc. so that the productivity of the employees is increased and they don’t waste the office hours surfing these sites. You can even set key words to block the Search.

  11. Hard Disk Lock/Unlock: Lock + Hide the important partitions, so that they cannot be tampered with.

  12. Lan Desktop Screen Viewer: Enables the administrator to remotely view (on the same LAN) the employee’s desktop activities.


Standalone Version: for Home Use (Single PC only)

Lan Version: For multiple PCs on the same Network

Availability: Hard Copy or Soft Copy

Pricing: Call us for best pricing or email us, using the button below.


Contact Us for Website Designing & Development, SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Software Development, Brand Designing & Development, Multimedia Presentation, 2D & 3D Animation, Networking Solution & Cyber Law Consultation


Contact Us for Website Designing & Development, SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Software Development, Brand Designing & Development, Multimedia Presentation, 2D & 3D Animation, Networking Solution & Cyber Law Consultation